"An outstanding expertise built in the workshop of the Manufacture, constantly enriched to give life to the impossible."

In our workshops, hands of our craftsman will apply their skills to these exceptional creations, providing the most perfect finish to every single piece of jewelry.


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Our Craftsmen match the know-how to fine jewelry, by using invisible setting, or traditionnal setting, making each piece unique.



The delicate operation of polishing is performed at several stages during the jewel manufacture. This process, helps to reveal the full splendour of the material. 

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The craftsmen work closely with our

quality control teams in each department, ensuring that quality standards are not only met but exceed our customers expectations.

Quality control

We use only the highest quality rough diamonds and gems which are carefully sourced and individually selected by our designers and gemmologists

All special diamonds are exclusively produced by our sister company. One of the most distinguished names in the industry and only one to be certified ISO 901:2015


Our mission, sourcing the most exclusive Gems & Diamonds all around the world to perfectly match the design of each pieces. All the stones are officially certified.

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